Prism Health North Texas

You’ve Got a Friend

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Collective gasp.




The black drape laid on the floor no longer needed to hide the seven panel spectrum & silver art piece behind it.

Artist Jojo Herda spoke just before the unveiling about how she was moved by the quality and community focus of care provided by Prism Health North Texas. She was moved and wanted to materialize that emotion in a concrete way – the spectrum was the clear way.The piece, entitled “You’ve Got a Friend” highlights that each and every person who comes through the doors of Prism Health North Texas has a friend and ally in the staff here. Each person will be met exactly where they are and each person is welcomed and affirmed.

“I’m honored to see my artwork grace the entrance and hallways of a place helping so many.” – Jojo Herda

Jojo came with the DIFFA Style Council in December of 2017. The team spent a Friday volunteering in the clothing closet, assembling condom packs, and creating snack packs. They also got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Oak Cliff Health Center.

“Touring their clinic, seeing their original artwork line the clinic space for encouragement and enlightenment…made me want to be a part [of it] with the sweat of my brow.” – Jojo Herda.

Thank you JoJo for creating such a beautiful work of art that provides light and hope to this diverse community.