Prism Health North Texas

Your care plan should reflect your unique story

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You are an individual.  You have a story with people and moments that have impacted you. Physicians and staff at Prism Health North Texas believe that everyone’s story illuminates your unique care plan.

You are not a number. You and your story matter. This is why Prism Health North Texas has spent 30 years becoming experts in care and building a medical home with a broad array of services to meet your needs, your story whatever it is.

Prism Health North Texas offers eight key services to support you and your health goals.

Medical Care:  As your medical home, you will receive expert HIV medical care by certified HIV and infectious disease specialists.

Free HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C Testing: Knowing your status is an important step to staying healthy. Prism Health North Texas believes in access for people, regardless of income. If you need an HIV, Syphilis, or Hepatitis C test, contact to set up an appointment today.

Prevention: Effective HIV treatments, PrEP, 1-on-1 counseling, and increasing access to condoms are steps we are taking to contribute to the national goal of zero new infections and zero AIDS related deaths.

Case Management:  Collaborating with you to decrease your barriers to medical care and increase access to other important services like medication, housing, and transportation.

Outreach & Education: What are safe sex practices?  How can I avoid becoming HIV+? We are here to answer these and other related questions. 

Research:  As a member of the AIDS Clinical Trial Group, we run new medication and treatment trials at our clinics providing opportunities for qualifying patients to access new medication before it reaches the general public.

HIV Empowerment:  Are you HIV+ and looking for social connections and activities? The HIVE is a community-run center with movie nights, dinners, and a great space to visit and hangout. Check out the HIVE by calling 972-807-7375 between the hours of 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM M-F. 

Behavioral Health: To support you in achieving your health goals, individual and group counseling is available for current patients.   

Health Insurance Assistance: Insurance? Medical care for all is important to us. We are committed to working with you and assistance is available to those who qualify.

Want to begin creating your personal care plan? Call us 214-521-5191 and let’s get started.