Prism Health North Texas

Board of Directors

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Nick Moore, CPA

Board Chair

Matt Wilkerson

1st Vice Chair


2nd Vice Chair

Chris Clark, CPA


Faynetta Fort

Board Secretary

Cristopher Burke
Michelle Di Paolo, PhD.
Gemma Gaeloto
Sammie Krepp
Billy Lane
Kari Logan
W. Stephen Love
Mark Manley
Patricia Niles
Debra L. Nystrom
Erin Roberts
Casper Thomsen
Jana Voege
Dr. Geoffrey S. Walker
Kenya Woodruff, JD

Other Committee Members

Jeremy Benson
J. Scott Chase, JD
David Hearn
Burke Lipscomb
Jerry McDonald, MS
David Pass
Gregory Swalwell, CPA

We greatly value the dedication and commitment of our leadership. Our agency is committed to maintaining a professional and diverse board of directors

If you are interested in contributing your expertise and becoming a board member, please contact Dr. John Carlo.