Prism Health North Texas

Welcome Appointments

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Case Management at Prism Health North Texas

What it is

Case management helps people with HIV get linked to health care and social services. This may include medical care, transportation, food, housing, etc.

First Step

You will first meet with an intake specialist who will complete an assessment during your Welcome Appointment. Certain referrals may also be done at this meeting.

For the Welcome Appointment, please bring the following documents:
  • proof of where you live
  • proof of your income
  • proof of your HIV diagnosis
  • a photo ID
  • a list of your HIV medicines.

If you do not have some of the documents, the intake specialist can still help. For more information and other requirements, click here.

Time needed

The welcome appointment will take about one hour.

During the session you will:
  • provide documents needed
  • complete consent forms and other paperwork
  • be asked about your medical and social history
  • discuss your needs
  • be given referrals for medical care
Second Step

After the welcome appointment is completed, you will be assigned a case manager who will work with you to link you to the services for which you qualify and are eligible. Your case manager is your primary contact and you can meet with him/her as needed for referrals to services. To schedule a Welcome Appointment, call 214-521-5191.

Did you know…Prism Health North Texas has been helping people with HIV since 1986?