Prism Health North Texas

The Opportunity in LifeWalk

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Do you know the feeling of changing a person’s life?

Have you experienced the power of a crumpled dollar bill in a neighbor’s life?

LifeWalk is a community of people like yourself who answered yes to at least one of those questions; people who know the privilege of changing the life of their neighbor; people who know the struggle is slanted and that there are those in their community who need an extra hand.

LifeWalk is more than a lovely sunny day, a nice stroll through Turtle Creek, and even more than an event full of lifelong friends coming together once a year. LifeWalk is an opportunity.

LifeWalk is an opportunity for you to change a life.

“Terry”, a longtime LifeWalk participant, asked their donor’s reasons for giving each year.

“I find it a complete privilege to be able to donate to a cause as important as LifeWalk.  Giving to LifeWalk helps make our community a better place to live.  LifeWalk provides goods and services to those who may not have access to them.  These are the reasons I continue to donate to LifeWalk year after year.” – Matthew

All money donated to LifeWalk benefits North Texans impacted by HIV or AIDS. Your financial support gives way to LifeWalk being the largest AIDS walk in Texas.

“Through the years I’ve continued to support Terry’s fundraising efforts for LifeWalk; helping fund tests and treatments for HIV/AIDS while raising public and social media awareness. No one single person should ever live a life of doubt or lack of treatment due to the inability to pay for these services. LifeWalk provides answers and options for a difficult subject. Terry is changing lives $1.00 at a time. $1.00 can change a LIFE. “ – Tiffany

Prism Health North Texas, the non-profit powering LifeWalk, administered over 3,400 HIV tests in 2016. As a member of the AIDS Clinical Research Trial Group, Prism Health North Texas participated in 28 research studies – including being the first PrEP study site in North Texas, studying the most effective and safest way to prevent HIV transmission.

“I donate to LifeWalk due to my love of Terry and his tireless support of the fight against AIDS. AIDS awareness and education can stop the spread of this disease that has no cure. Anyone or any organization that wants to preach awareness and provide education and support is vital to our communities health. I’m very proud to be Terry’s friend [and] as such I will always support his efforts!” – Sara

If you have your own “Terry”, a friend participating in LifeWalk, donate to their page – even after the walk. Their efforts don’t stop at 3:00pm on Sunday.

If you do not have a friend participating, please give to the event general. Your dollars will have rippling impact across the North Texas community.