Prism Health North Texas

You Asked. We Answered.

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Thank You!

From your notes, comments, and affirmations it sounds like the new name is a good fit.

We have also received your questions, concerns, and curiosities. You care about this agency, this community, and the people whose lives are changed because of this work. Thank you for caring!

For over 30 years this agency served this community, your friends and family. For 30 years, patients and clients found safety, care, and a brighter future here. This is not changing.  New Name – Same quality care.

Below, we are the answers to the common questions you have been sending to us.

Why has AIDS Arms decided to change its name?

HIV treatment has improved – no longer is an HIV diagnosis a death sentence. Today, the focus is on quality of life. It is less about AIDS and more about the prevention and treatment of HIV infection.  The name change is a sign of inclusivity of all the broad array of clients that are served.

Why Prism Health North Texas?

When light shines through a prism, the prism illuminates the diversity of colors within that beam of light. When a client comes to Prism Health North Texas, they may find themselves scared, confused, or unsure of what their diagnosis is or means. Through collaborative care between professional staff and clients, an individual’s path to a healthier future will be illuminated, supported by a broad array of services.  The community served is North Texas so it was important to include this in the name as well.

By taking AIDS out of your name, aren’t you trying to distance yourself from the cause?

Removing AIDS from our name does not signify that we’re abandoning the cause. In fact, removing the word AIDS from our name, allows us to serve our patients and clients better. Having AIDS in our name has at times been a barrier to those seeking care. By removing AIDS from the name, we are adding a layer of confidentiality, security and privacy for our clients.

How does Prism Health North Texas approach care?

We treat the whole person, and look at the entire spectrum of health from physical to mental to social and financial.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive care from experienced, specialized professionals
  • The most advanced treatment in HIV/AIDS in North Texas
  • Confidentiality
  • Convenience through short wait times, same day sick visits and onsite pharmacy services
  • Accessibility through our two medical clinics in North Texas – Oak Cliff and South Dallas – both easily accessible from major highways, with free parking
  • Affordability

How is Prism Health North Texas different from other institutions serving in North Texas?

We are a local organization, committed to change in the local community, and ensuring that all of our funding stays local in support of North Texas.

Please email with any additional questions, clarifications, or affirmations you may have. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you!