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Someone Like Me

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someoneHow does HIV affect someone like me?

If you think HIV doesn’t affect you, think again. HIV can infect anyone.

Have you ever had unprotected sex? You’re at risk.
  • ‘unprotected’ means without a condom.
  • Have you ever shared a needle? You’re at risk.

You can get HIV if you have unprotected sex even once. HIV can enter the body through cuts or sores in the vagina, penis, or rectum (inside the butt), and sometimes the mouth. The cuts may be so small that you don’t know they’re there.

HIV is a virus spread mostly through sex and anyone can get it. That could be you, your family, your friends and people you know.

You cannot tell that people have HIV by how they look. A person can have HIV and not know it for a long time and be giving it to another person by sharing needles or having unprotected sex.

Know the risks.
  • Make sure you know the risks of what you do and learn how to prevent getting HIV.
Be careful:
  • Talk to your partner about safer sex.
  • Use a latex condom with water-based lube correctly each and every time you have sex.
  • Be prepared: carry your own condoms and protection.
  • Do not share needles..
Get tested regularly.

HIV can infect anyone and we all do things that might expose us to HIV and harm our health. Here are some special things to think about for: