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Seeking Relief from Fear and Panic?

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Fear in response to danger is a normal, healthy feeling—it sets off a chain of events that help us think more clearly, react more quickly, and have more endurance.  However, when the body experiences fear without the presence of danger, it can create many uncomfortable sensations in the body and mind. 

Nausea, restlessness, sweating, tingling in hands and feet, dizziness, uneasiness, shortness of breath, muscle tension, sleep problems, excessive worry and feelings of fear or panic can all be signs of anxiety.  Anxiety can be persistent, or can be intermittent.  It can be mildly bothersome, or completely debilitating.  Anxiety can have many causes, or seem to have no cause at all.

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, talk to your medical provider.  They can rule out medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms, and can assist you to find the right treatment.  If you have anxiety that is impacting your life, consider some of the following:

  • mindfulness practices including deep breathing
  • physical exercise like walking or yoga (under the guidance of a medical provider)
  • regular and adequate sleep
  • stop caffeine and other stimulant use
  • counseling services
  • evaluation for medication management