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Pride Month Challenge

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Today, ¾ of new HIV infections in Dallas County are men who have sex with men (which is mostly gay/bi men and transwomen). The current projections are that 1 in 2 transwomen of color will contract HIV in her lifetime. 1 in 2 black men who have sex with men will contract HIV in his lifetime. Our community continues to be at high risk for HIV and it’s the same people who have indelible grit for life.

June is LGBTQ history month. Our history includes the AIDS epidemic. It also includes the medical advances to care for HIV and to prevent contracting HIV. What if our history could include the de-stigmatization of getting tested regularly?

If we want to change these numbers, reduce the number of people in our communities contracting HIV and empower folks living with HIV to live long healthy lives, we need to bring health into the circle of our everyday community discussions.

What would it look like if we made getting tested an activity with our good friends?

We could collectively reduce the stigma of getting tested and of living with HIV. As a community we can create space in our social circles where we empower our friends to stay on top of their sexual health through regular testing and treatment adherence.

It could look like, Saturday morning

  • Brunch with the gang
  • Visit J Crew’s sale
  • Swing by the PHNTX East Dallas location for free Saturday testing

This is the challenge offered to you: get tested this month. Invest in your health and encourage your friends to get tested too. Go together.

We hope to see you and your friends soon.


Free HIV, Syphilis, & Hep C testing available:

M – F from 8am-5pm
           PHNTX Oak Cliff: 219 Sunset Ave. Ste. 116-A, 75208
           PHNTX South Dallas: 4922 Spring Ave., 75210

Saturday from 10am – 2pm
            PHNTX East Dallas: 3910 Gaston Ave. #125, 75246