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Avita Pharmacy is our preferred pharmacy provider.

Copay/Coinsurance AssistanceAvita Pharmacy Logo

Our patients using Avita Pharmacy have their first $50 per prescription out-of-pocket cost covered.

Prescription Benefits

Avita Pharmacy’s staff will help you enroll in programs to reduce your medicine costs if you are eligible. Compliance (unit dosing) packaging is available at no additional charge. Refill reminders and adherence program enrollment is standard for each patient at no charge.

All this and great, friendly customer service, too!
Avita Pharmacy
219 Sunset Ave., Ste 118-A
Dallas, TX 75208
Tel: 877.943.5187
Fax: 800.865.8189

Did you know…

Each prescription filled at Avita Pharmacy helps Prism Health North Texas health centers’ maintain and potentially expand services for our clients?