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Out and About: Find Us at QueerBomb

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Do you have plans on Saturday, June 24th? Are you or is someone you know going to QueerBomb? 

Prism Health North Texas will be at QueerBomb to answer your sexual health questions – come see us there!

QueerBomb is on  Saturday, June 24th at RBC in Deep EllumThe Prism Health North Texas team will be present from 5:00 pm–10:00 pm to provide rapid HIV testing, condoms, safer sex info, and counseling for all event attendees.

“We felt it was important to partner with QueerBomb at their pride event this year because it is unique to any other pride event in Dallas. It appeals to a younger LGBT demographic; people that don’t go to other types of pride events and it takes place in an untraditional setting (Deep Ellum).” – Alex Ortega, Project Connect Program Manager.

QueerBomb Dallas was founded in 2013 to provide a Pride event that is “non-corporatized, free, & welcoming to queer folks of every stripe, gender, & background.” QueerBomb Dallas is an off-shoot of QueerBomb Austin. QueerBomb differentiates itself from Dallas Pride in many ways, including the fact that it occurs in June (the LGBTQ pride month) and in Deep Ellum. “We are a group of grassroots queer activists, artists, dreamers & troublemakers with a shared vision of radically transforming Dallas by engaging, connecting, uplifting & providing accessibility to its queerest parts.” Quotes pulled from the QueerBomb mission statement.

Check us out at QueerBomb for your testing, safer sex, and sexual health questions and needs. (Find us there in our agency shirts!)

Prevention & Testing Team: Charlie Lujan, Manny Duran, & Bendu Coleman

Prevention & Testing Team: Charlie Lujan, Manny Duran, & Bendu Coleman