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#MeToo | Stories Shared. Community Built.

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#MeToo – the phrase has taken up important space and meaning in today’s culture. #MeToo demands that a woman’s voice and presence be acknowledged, respected, and included. #MeToo, nationally, has covered sexual assault and misconduct. Locally, within the HIV & AIDS communities, #MeToo has the potential for another profound meaning.

Women with HIV or AIDS often have their story and experience dismissed. HIV/AIDS add yet another layer of stigma onto communities of women who are already marginalized and whose voices get erased.

In honor of Women’s & Girls HIV/AIDS awareness day, Prism Health North Texas hosted an event for these women to empower them through affirmation, respect, and creating room for their voices to be heard and validated by others like them.

Dr. Barbara Cambridge spoke on the #MeToo movement and the power of sharing your stories as women, listening and believing each other, and building community together. The words from Dr. Cambridge inspired the women there who began to share.

The women took turns, sharing their own stories with each other. The vulnerability shifted the mood and focus of the event. Many women shared their gratefulness for the connection they experienced with each other.

After Dr. Cambrdige spoke, Eboni Vincetti, Prism Health North Texas’ Empowerment Coordinator, spoke on the importance of empowerment for women, how to build empowerment within oneself, and how to continue the discussions they had that day to stay empowered.

The event culminated with one-on-one makeovers from MAC Cosmetics. The makeovers brought another round of heartfelt thanks and tears as some women shared that this moment was the most beautiful they had felt in a long time.

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