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In the News | Hurricane Harvey Impact

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People living with HIV and AIDS can be uniquely affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and severe flooding. Exposure to floodwater, spoiled food, and/or contaminated drinking water can lead to significant illness, especially in people with a weakened immune system caused by HIV. Additionally, interruption of key resources and businesses like pharmacies, and being away from home could result in a lack of access to HIV medications. Finally, having to shelter in a crowded setting could result in an increased exposure to common infectious diseases that would be more severe in people living with HIV. Experience during past hurricanes has shown that these problems can be significant.

Fortunately, if someone living with HIV needs assistance, particularly with quickly filling HIV prescriptions, a number of resources and options are available.

  • If you have an active prescription with a major pharmacy retail chain like Walgreen’s or CVS, you should be able to request a refill at a different store where you are now located. Be sure to bring any empty bottles or have your prescription ID numbers handy.
  • If you have health insurance, contact your health plan to obtain information on the nearest HIV specialist in your network, as well as options for filing any needed prescriptions.
  • Most pharmacies have access to prescription information and may be able to fill a one to two day supply.
  • addresses natural disasters and their impact on people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • The Texas HIV Medication Program (THMP) has a number of resources and information: 800-255-1090 or