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Identifying Triggers

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Most individuals at some point in their lives have experienced symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, etc; and many times those symptoms are initiated by triggers. Triggers are those things, places, events, people, and/or emotions that ignite certain feelings which in turn cause us to experience particular symptoms. Some individuals will report that they are depressed, suffer from anxiety, or struggle with anger, but may not be aware of the cause –aka- the trigger.

Self-awareness is critical when identifying triggers. Self-awareness and self-reflection can be difficult for some; therefore an individual may need additional help such as counseling to help identify. No matter what route you take to discover your triggers, just remember wellness is always the goal!!


By: Markelse Jordan, MS, LPC-Intern, Supervised by Heather Cawthon, LPC-S
Prism Health North Texas Behavioral Health Counselor