Prism Health North Texas

How Our Health Centers Can Help

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HIV Testing

We offer free, confidential HIV tests at our clinics on a walk-in basis.

HIV Primary Care

Our medical staff will examine you, run some tests and determine how strong your immune system is and how much HIV you have in your body.

HIV Drug Therapy (HAART “Highly Active Antiretroval Therapy”)

Our medical staff can prescribe the most effective medicines to fight your type of HIV. They can also help you with other HIV related problems, routine exams, vaccinations, and treatments for many other conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Mental Health Services

We have a special mental health provider onsite weekly if you need an evaluation and medicines.

Patient Education

Our staff can answer your questions one-on-one so you understand your treatment plan.

Staying Healthy

Our staff can discuss ways for you to stay healthy as you live with HIV, how to avoid getting other illnesses, and how not to spread HIV to other people.