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HIV Prevention: Did you know?

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When thinking about ways to prevent getting or giving HIV through sexual activity, most of us know about using barriers such as condoms. In addition to using condoms correctly every time you have sex, using the right lubricant can reduce your risk by decreasing the risk of condoms breaking and/or slipping. Water-based and silicon-based lubricants are safe to use with all condoms. Oil-based lubricants and products containing oil, such as hand lotion, Vaseline, or Crisco must not be used because they can weaken the condom and cause it to break. It is safe to use any kind of lubricant with nitrile female condoms. However, you should not use lubricants containing nonoxynol-9 because nonoxynol-9 irritates the lining of the vagina and anus and increases the risk of giving or getting HIV.

Prism Health North Texas distributes condoms and lubricant packets at each of its sites – the Oak Cliff Clinic, the South Dallas Clinic, the Jefferson Tower offices, and the HIVE at Maple and Inwood, as well as through HIV testing outreach events at clubs, bathhouses, universities/colleges, and community events. We have a variety of male and female condoms as well as lubricants available so that you may choose the best option for you to have safer sex.

Please contact us at or 214.521.5191 to find out more about HIV prevention, HIV testing, joining our condom distribution program, or to get condoms and lube for yourself.