Prism Health North Texas

Healthcare is a fundamental right for all

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Let’s together reflect on something that’s very important. First, however, allow me to recognize how powerful our name transformation has been towards illuminating our organization’s core values and purpose. We have received an incredible amount of support and acknowledgments from so many people in our community. I am particularly happy to hear the positive feedback about Prism Health North Texas from people we consider most significant – our patients and clients.

Now, let’s get back to today’s reflection. Over the past few weeks, we have been besieged by the legislative debate that is attempting to determine the future of America’s healthcare. This political theater should be recognized as only a small component of how our communities need to ensure health and healthy people. Missing right now is more thorough discussion on core fundamental principles. One of those which I hold as tremendously important and our organization values deeply is that access to high-quality healthcare should not be determined by one’s amount of wealth, where one lives, race, or social class.

Right to accessible healthcare, however, does not replace the importance of an individual’s responsibility for his or her own health. We envision relationships with patients to be partnerships, meeting people where they are, but patients also do their part. Our staff works to break down barriers which prevent someone’s access to lifesaving treatment, but patients do the work of committing to be healthy. Under this partnership, amazing things are possible.

Why is there not more discussion in today’s healthcare debate about where the system is working? Prism Health North Texas’ comprehensive system of care consistently demonstrates excellent health outcomes, high patient satisfaction rates, and lower costs thanks to the prevention of the HIV disease progression. Guided by core principles and values, together we achieve remarkable success stories that can serve as an important example of how healthcare in this country can be delivered more successfully. For your support and contribution that makes our story possible, thank you!


By: Dr. John Carlo, CEO of Prism Health North Texas