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3 Ways Treatment is Prevention

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HIV/STI prevention isn’t just about using condoms. It’s also about testing, learning your HIV/STI status, and getting treatment. Many new infections can be prevented by just getting tested and treated. Here are 3 ways treatment is prevention:

  1. People living with HIV do not have to be afraid to have sex or be in long-term intimate relationships. By obtaining antiviral treatment for HIV, people living with the virus can virtually eliminate their risk of transmission to others.
  2. Most STIs are passed on to others unknowingly. By testing regularly for STIs and getting treatment when needed, everyone can help prevent the spread of these infections in our community. Sometimes STI symptoms are not always obvious, so testing is the best way to know your status.
  3. Sometimes treatment is about preventing an infection from even happening. Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is an innovative way to prevent HIV through ongoing antiviral treatment that can virtually eliminate the risk of obtaining HIV. It does not prevent other STIs, but used in combination with condoms, it can help people feel more confident in their sexual health.

For more information on obtaining HIV/STI testing, treatment for HIV, or PrEP please contact our main office at 214-521-5191 or email us at