Prism Health North Texas

Condom Carnival Outreach

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The 5th Annual “Sexy Week” at University of North Texas culminated with the Condom Carnival!  Games and activities tested student knowledge on various topics related to sexual health and wellness.  Prism Health North Texas was there spinning the wheel and engaging students on the topic of HIV.   

Over 160 students attended the event on February 9th.  The PHNTX tent was one of the most popular with lines of students waiting to spin the wheel, answer an HIV related question, and win a prize.  Students were very engaged in learning about sexually transmitted infections and the steps they can take to remain healthy and STI free. 

This was a very important education event. In 2016, according to the Dallas County Health Department, 21% of new infections were in individuals under the age of 24.

UNT & Prism Health North Texas have a great working partnership. PHNTX staff is onsite at UNT every 1st & 3rd Thursday to offer free HIV tests and is also a key distribution point for condoms for Prism Health North Texas.

Thank you to the UNT Meadows Center for Health Resources, Student Health and Wellness Center for including Prism Health North Texas at the Condom Carnival.