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PHNTX announces new Chief Medical Officer

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Prism Health North Texas is pleased to announce the hiring of Deborah Gail Morris-Harris, PhD, MD, AAHIVS as the new Chief Medical Officer (CMO).  The CMO position is a brand new position for Prism Health North Texas which has grown to now four full-time physicians and two nurse practitioners. “Joining the talented staff of Prism […]

Unpack the New Generic Formulation of Truvada

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first generic version of the Gilead Sciences drug Truvada (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine).  Since many people in the community take Truvada, Dr. Gary Sinclair sat down to unpack how this might affect them.                                    Q: Dr. Sinclair, please explain exactly what “generic approval” is. A: Generic approval […]

LifeWalk: My Invitation to You

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Have you ever walked before? Have you ever been on the grass of Lee Park dancing on a Sunday afternoon? Many know LifeWalk as a way to get involved in their community or have fun on a Sunday. But to the clients that benefit from your participation, especially your donation, it is life changing. To […]

Health Tip: How to Use Sunscreen

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Happy Fourth of July!   July Fourth is a great time for family and fun in the sun. I absolutely love to be in the sun, on the beach, on a lake or in a pool. However, it is important when out in the sun to protect yourself. When I was a teenager, I used […]

Out and About: South Texas Activities

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  May was a busy month for members of the Prism Health North Texas Viviendo Valiente team. The month was kicked off by a session facilitation at the Legacy Grace Women’s Conference on May 6th. Erika Martinez and Maria Flores (a program advisory board member) headed the facilitation. Participants joined in a fun game of […]

Prism Health North Texas is excited to share

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Prism Health North Texas is excited to share that our CEO, Dr. John Carlo, was elected on June 16th for the American Medical Association (AMA) national council. The AMA Council on Science and Public Health (CSAPH) works to represent the AMA’s core belief that scientific evidence is the basis for improving the quality of patient […]

PrEP: The Full Story

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Questions have flooded medical practices across the country. Emails, calls, questions asked of our physicians in exam rooms: “PrEP?” Prism Health North Texas CEO, Dr. John Carlo, sat down to answer your questions, in-depth with no holdback. You deserve complete answers when it comes to your health. Q. What is PrEP? Carlo: PrEP stands for pre-exposure […]

Terry Bax recognized as a 2017 Community Champion

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On June 22nd, Prism Health North Texas volunteer, Terry Bax, was honored as a 2017 Community Champion. Molina Healthcare, the host of the Community Champion Award, presented Terry Bax with an award and a $1,000 check to the agency of his choice. Terry Bax designated his $1,000 to Prism Health North Texas’ LifeWalk event. Mr. […]

Out and About: Find Us at QueerBomb

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Do you have plans on Saturday, June 24th? Are you or is someone you know going to QueerBomb?  Prism Health North Texas will be at QueerBomb to answer your sexual health questions – come see us there! QueerBomb is on  Saturday, June 24th at RBC in Deep Ellum. The Prism Health North Texas team will be present […]

Healthcare is a fundamental right for all

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Let’s together reflect on something that’s very important. First, however, allow me to recognize how powerful our name transformation has been towards illuminating our organization’s core values and purpose. We have received an incredible amount of support and acknowledgments from so many people in our community. I am particularly happy to hear the positive feedback […]

Why should I register for LifeWalk?

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You hear it every year – “Register for LifeWalk!…” Every year you’re asked to register, raise awareness & money, and walk…but why?   So, get ready for it… The Top 10 Reasons to Register for LifeWalk:

Prevention with Positives: Have you heard of PrEP?

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PrEP is short for pre-exposure prophylaxis and is an HIV prevention measure for those at high risk for getting HIV.  Studies show that taking PrEP as prescribed can lower your risk of getting HIV through sexual activity by 90% and through injection drug use by 70%. PrEP involves taking one pill every day to lower […]

New Tool for Addressing the Hepatitis Epidemic

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The CDC recently reported a nearly three-fold increase in the number of new hepatitis C infections between 2010 and 2015, estimating approximately 34,000 new cases nationally in 2015.  This alarming finding has been attributed largely to the opioid epidemic, which disproportionately affects young people who transition from taking prescription opioids to injecting heroin.  Since the […]

Your care plan should reflect your unique story

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You are an individual.  You have a story with people and moments that have impacted you. Physicians and staff at Prism Health North Texas believe that everyone’s story illuminates your unique care plan. You are not a number. You and your story matter. This is why Prism Health North Texas has spent 30 years becoming […]

Exciting Updates from Prism Health North Texas Programs

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Viviendo Valiente 16 Promotoras de Salud in Laredo, TX completed training from Martha Guerrero and Erika Martinez. The training empowers these 16 individuals to disseminate health education (through a four-course program) in the Latino community along the Texas-Mexico border. Latinos account for 1 in 5 new HIV infections. Prism Health North Texas’ Viviendo Valiente is […]

To be compliant, or not to be compliant, that is the question

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For many, a cringing feeling overwhelms them when the word “compliance,” is uttered.  However, the word “compliance,” should not be scary to anyone.  Merriam-Webster defines “compliance as the act or process of doing what you have been asked or ordered to do.”  Even though we may not realize it, as we go about our daily […]

Miss LifeWalk Has News to Share

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  Since 2004, LifeWalkers have come together for a fun, fabulous, and competitive event – The Miss LifeWalk Pageant. Teams, competitors, donors, and attendees have collectively raised over $160,000 for HIV/AIDS services through this pageant. The creators, the Guys & Dolls LifeWalk Team, served as the dreamers, volunteers, and executors of the Miss LifeWalk Pageant. […]

Faces of Depression: What Does It Look Like?

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Do you know what depression looks like? Sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in things you used to enjoy are well-recognized symptoms of depression. Did you also know that depression can make one feel foggy, tired, irritable, restless, and achy, as well as causing changes in sleeping and eating habits?  If you notice any combination […]

Prism Health North Texas – On the Hill!

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March 27th and 28th, Lionel Hillard, Community Advisory Board Member and Karin Petties, Executive Director of Government Relations, represented Prism Health North Texas at the 2017 AIDSWatch in Washington DC.  Petties and Hillard provided data and information in support of HIV funding and programs to members of Congress; including Senator Ted Cruz, Senator John Cornyn, […]

Our Commitment

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It is a new name but the same commitment to the community and to the cause of HIV/AIDS. Thank you to all who provided positive feedback and thoughts about the rebrand of AIDS Arms to Prism Health North Texas. The name change was done with patient and client care paramount: “My clients, especially those from […]