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South Dallas Clinic Has Moved

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We have moved! Prism Health North Texas South Dallas Clinic has relocated to 4922 Spring Ave, Dallas, TX 75210. We are committed to providing you the best chronic infection care. To continue providing you the best, the Prism Health North Texas South Dallas Clinic has moved to a new location in South Dallas. Our new […]

LifeWalkers Shine Bright

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The glitter has settled. With refracting light, songs of gratitude, and the sound of a community cheering together, LifeWalk 2017 was wrapped up last night, Thursday November 2nd. Over the past 5 years, almost two million unrestricted dollars were raised by LifeWalkers – 2 million dollars going to empower turning points in peoples lives. LifeWalk […]

Seeking Relief from Fear and Panic?

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Fear in response to danger is a normal, healthy feeling—it sets off a chain of events that help us think more clearly, react more quickly, and have more endurance.  However, when the body experiences fear without the presence of danger, it can create many uncomfortable sensations in the body and mind.  Nausea, restlessness, sweating, tingling […]

Be Your Best Internet Security Advocate

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Top 10 ways to be your best internet security advocate (You’ve heard about Equifax and a host of other security breaches. But when it comes to internet security what can you control?) Make sure that you have a genuine internet security  and anti-virus program installed on your personal computers.  There are many marketed products that […]

The Opportunity in LifeWalk

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Do you know the feeling of changing a person’s life? Have you experienced the power of a crumpled dollar bill in a neighbor’s life? LifeWalk is a community of people like yourself who answered yes to at least one of those questions; people who know the privilege of changing the life of their neighbor; people […]

Whole Health | Natural Disaster Preparedness

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We have all seen the startling images following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey,Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria. Though North Texas doesn’t experience the dangers of hurricanes we experience a wealth of other disasters such as flooding, hail, and tornado! So what is a person to do in the event they experience a natural disaster? How […]

Out & About | Dallas’ Hurricane Harvey Refugee Center

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     I was a little nervous walking into the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. I had never volunteered for a relief effort before and I didn’t know what to expect.  As I walked into the makeshift Hurricane Harvey refugee center, I saw a football field sized space filled with row after row of green cots. […]

In the News | Hurricane Harvey Impact

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People living with HIV and AIDS can be uniquely affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and severe flooding. Exposure to floodwater, spoiled food, and/or contaminated drinking water can lead to significant illness, especially in people with a weakened immune system caused by HIV. Additionally, interruption of key resources and businesses like pharmacies, and being away […]

Difficult Conversations | How to Disclose Your Status

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While you can live a long, healthy, love filled life with HIV, many have mixed feelings (from nerves to fear to embarrassment, etc.) about their status. One of the biggest challenges can be trying to figure out how to broach the topic with a new potential sexual partner. Often, it does not feel as simple […]

One gift card can change a life

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“My hand was shaking as I handed the gift card across the counter to the cashier. She took it, but not without giving me a long look-over. She ran my gift card for the meal and I walked to the drink station. I got water from the fountain and tried not to guzzle it down.  […]

Expert Desk | Impacting the future of PHNTX clients

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Did you know Prism Health North Texas has a robust clinical research program 22 HIV-related clinical trials with a total of almost 200 participants? We didn’t either until we sat down with Prism Health North Texas’ Research Coordinator, Lauren Rogers. Our minds were blown. What is a clinical research trial? A clinical research trial is […]

Out & About | Back to School Success

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  September is here, and school has started for Prism Health North Texas families. Happily, they were able to once again start with all of the supplies they needed. August marked Prism Health North Texas’ annual back to school drive. Neacy Turner and the PHNTX Women, Youth, & Families Team, organized the drive. Turner began […]

Prevention Tip | Testing Often

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The Centers for Disease Control recommends that everyone should be tested for HIV at least once.  Furthermore, if you are at risk for getting HIV or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or if you are a man who has sex with men, you should get tested more often – every 3 to 6 months. Getting tested […]

Advancing your health | a mission and a partnership

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Are you an employee of a company or volunteer at an organization? Do you know your mission statement? Mission statements are largely an internal statement that is meant to direct the work and efforts of an organization. Outsiders looking in use mission statements to gain insight into an organization’s goals and values. Meaningful partnership is […]

Out & About: DC to Dallas

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Record Attendance as UT Southwestern hosts the Greater Dallas Healthcare Diversity Summit. That’s the headline that marked UT Southwestern’s internal newsletter article featuring Prism Health North Texas’ CEO, Dr. John Carlo. Dr. Carlo visited his alma mater, UT Southwestern Medical School, on June 12th as the keynote speaker at the Greater Dallas Healthcare Diversity Summit. […]

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

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“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.”- Unknown Have you ever had a difficult time saying “No”; whether it was to a family member, friend, or romantic partner? Saying no or denying someone something can be very difficult especially if when you love and care about that individual. […]

PHNTX announces new Chief Medical Officer

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Prism Health North Texas is pleased to announce the hiring of Deborah Gail Morris-Harris, PhD, MD, AAHIVS as the new Chief Medical Officer (CMO).  The CMO position is a brand new position for Prism Health North Texas which has grown to now four full-time physicians and two nurse practitioners. “Joining the talented staff of Prism […]

Unpack the New Generic Formulation of Truvada

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first generic version of the Gilead Sciences drug Truvada (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine).  Since many people in the community take Truvada, Dr. Gary Sinclair sat down to unpack how this might affect them.                                    Q: Dr. Sinclair, please explain exactly what “generic approval” is. A: Generic approval […]

LifeWalk: My Invitation to You

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Have you ever walked before? Have you ever been on the grass of Lee Park dancing on a Sunday afternoon? Many know LifeWalk as a way to get involved in their community or have fun on a Sunday. But to the clients that benefit from your participation, especially your donation, it is life changing. To […]

Health Tip: How to Use Sunscreen

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Happy Fourth of July!   July Fourth is a great time for family and fun in the sun. I absolutely love to be in the sun, on the beach, on a lake or in a pool. However, it is important when out in the sun to protect yourself. When I was a teenager, I used […]