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New Single Tablet Regiment Supported by Clinical Research Team

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DALLAS, TX (Feb. 9, 2018) – Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration announced their approval of Biktarvy®.  Biktarvy® is a combination of Descovy® + Bictegravir – a new single tablet regimen for HIV treatment. Biktarvy® is the first compound that the Prism Health North Texas Clinical Research department worked on from early Phase 1 for […]

InMind: Clinical Research Spotlight

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The InMind study is evaluating treatment interventions for HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND).   HAND is a broad term that describes problems related to thinking, memory, mood and physical coordination/function.   Very often the symptoms of HAND are so mild that they go unnoticed by the patient and the provider.   However, HAND symptoms can progress to moderate or […]

How’s Your Heart?

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February is heart month. February is the month set aside to care for and reconnect with our heart – from celebrating the love in our lives during Valentine’s Day to taking stock all month on how we treat one of the most valuable organs in our body. You have probably heard that regular cardio exercise […]

Living w/ HIV & Empowered

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Jackson learned of his HIV status early in 2017. He didn’t delay and got connected to Prism Health North Texas to take advantage of the diverse care options available. Within a few months, he was virally suppressed, having successfully made new habits prioritizing his health care. During his November follow-up with his primary care provider […]

State of the Organization | 2018

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Welcome to 2018! In January we typically fight cold mornings and threats of that “wintry mix” by warming up through a bit of optimism, inspired, and ready to tackle the New Year. Resolutions now made, promises of change in place, and the stage now set for what we hope can be a better year than […]

To Resolve or Not to Resolve

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You are most likely back to work, the holiday décor is back in the attic, and the goodies are all eaten. Last thing on the list, your New Year’s resolutions. According to a recent ComRes poll, of the 10 most common New Year’s resolutions, 6 are health related:  Exercise more, lose weight, eat more healthily, take […]

Dr. Deborah Morris-Harris | The Interview

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Dr. Morris-Harris traces her passion for medicine back to 7th grade and her interest in physiology and how systems work. Her passion for systems is the thread that weaves throughout her diverse career. Dr. Morris-Harris attended graduate school twice (once for neurobiology and once for a business administration) and attended medical school. Prior to her […]

The Lavender Unit: First Hand Account of Progress

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In observance of World AIDS Day, it is important to remember that progress made and the progress still to come. September 1995:  I was the admitting Resident on the “Lavender Service”. The service, as usual, was full. Twenty rooms, forty beds, forty HIV infected patients with overflow on to other wards.  Oddly, the thing I […]

Winterize Your Health

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In cold weather your health and temperature changes. More cold and flu-like illnesses occur in cold weather, with a highly correlated with an increase in the number of upper respiratory infections (URIs) and a decrease in temperature. Chilling of the nose and upper respiratory tract by breathing cold air and acute chilling of the body’s […]

South Dallas Clinic Has Moved

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We have moved! Prism Health North Texas South Dallas Clinic has relocated to 4922 Spring Ave, Dallas, TX 75210. We are committed to providing you the best chronic infection care. To continue providing you the best, the Prism Health North Texas South Dallas Clinic has moved to a new location in South Dallas. Our new […]