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The Future is Injectable

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If you were offered tomorrow’s medicine today, would you take it? You’re probably thinking “yes” as long as it’s safe today. Clinical Research at Prism Health North Texas brings tomorrow’s care to today. Visiting the department or participating in one of the current clinical studies gives you a sneak peak, a pull-back-the-curtain experience of the […]

2019 Community Address

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For the New Year, I am pleased to share with you some words of encouragement about the incredible place that we are today with HIV prevention and treatment. Much of these ideas are what I spoke about during the wonderful World AIDS Day event at the Cathedral of Hope on December 1st of last year. […]

Illuminating Healthy Futures

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“Shanika” is an energetic, positive attitude woman. She is active at her daughter’s school, supportive of her husband’s HIV medical regimen, and takes care of several extended family members. She also has advanced HIV/AIDS putting her at risk for opportunistic infections. The last time she was consistent with her medications was while pregnant with her […]

Healthcare is on the ballot – Vote

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Have you voted yet? Vote. Period. Don’t miss this one, and don’t make excuses this time for not doing your civic duty. Don’t miss this election. Early voting ends tomorrow – find out where you can vote in Dallas County here. November 6th is Election Day. Remember many people living here in our community do […]

Thanks to You – LifeWalk Raised…

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Thank You! Sunday afternoon, participants, sponsors, and donors came together over a late brunch. There were cheers, awards, letters of gratitude, and tears. As attendees and participants in LifeWalk you pour your heart and soul into your fundraising and advocacy and your commitment is a shining light in this community. View the reveal video here. […]

PrEP: Is It Right For Me?

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PrEP is a classification of medication that prevents the spread of the HIV. Right now, Truvada by Gilead is the only medication approved for PrEP. More physicians and clinis are offering to prescribe patients PrEP. This is great for access for those at high risk and raises the question for potential consumers: “Is it right […]

3 Ways Treatment is Prevention

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HIV/STI prevention isn’t just about using condoms. It’s also about testing, learning your HIV/STI status, and getting treatment. Many new infections can be prevented by just getting tested and treated. Here are 3 ways treatment is prevention: People living with HIV do not have to be afraid to have sex or be in long-term intimate […]

Health As You Age

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As we age, our health needs change. This is even more the case for folks living with chronic infections such as HIV.  Aging with HIV Aging with HIV brings a different set of health conditions to be aware of. If you are over 55+ and living with HIV, have a conversation with you provider (if […]

62 Days to LifeWalk

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Have you ever walked the 5k through Turtle Creek? Have you ever danced on the grass of Oak Lawn Park with your community because you feel hope for the future? That’s LifeWalk. LifeWalk, the Dallas AIDS Walk, is the time and space where community members gather annually to celebrate progress and raise money for tomorrow. […]

Miss LifeWalk 2018

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Your support blew me away on Sunday. Thank you for coming and saying “this cause is still important, this community matter.” The ticket you purchased was more than a swipe of your credit card – it is a turning point in a man named Erik’s life – a man who was homeless and struggling with […]