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2019 Community Address

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For the New Year, I am pleased to share with you some words of encouragement about the incredible place that we are today with HIV prevention and treatment. Much of these ideas are what I spoke about during the wonderful World AIDS Day event at the Cathedral of Hope on December 1st of last year. […]

Healthcare is on the ballot – Vote

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Have you voted yet? Vote. Period. Don’t miss this one, and don’t make excuses this time for not doing your civic duty. Don’t miss this election. Early voting ends tomorrow – find out where you can vote in Dallas County here. November 6th is Election Day. Remember many people living here in our community do […]

State of the Organization | 2018

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Welcome to 2018! In January we typically fight cold mornings and threats of that “wintry mix” by warming up through a bit of optimism, inspired, and ready to tackle the New Year. Resolutions now made, promises of change in place, and the stage now set for what we hope can be a better year than […]

PrEP: The Full Story

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Questions have flooded medical practices across the country. Emails, calls, questions asked of our physicians in exam rooms: “PrEP?” Prism Health North Texas CEO, Dr. John Carlo, sat down to answer your questions, in-depth with no holdback. You deserve complete answers when it comes to your health. Q. What is PrEP? Carlo: PrEP stands for pre-exposure […]

Healthcare is a fundamental right for all

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Let’s together reflect on something that’s very important. First, however, allow me to recognize how powerful our name transformation has been towards illuminating our organization’s core values and purpose. We have received an incredible amount of support and acknowledgments from so many people in our community. I am particularly happy to hear the positive feedback […]

Recent Events in Dallas – July 7th, 2016

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A message from Prism Health North Texas CEO, Dr. John Carlo: Last night [July 7, 2016] here in Dallas, we experienced a horrible tragedy with five local police officers killed and six more wounded during what was intended to be a peaceful demonstration of protest of the recent police-involved shootings. Our thoughts and prayers go […]

“Changing Clothes”

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From the CEO: Over the past several months, we here at Prism Health North Texas facilitated a number of workshops and engagement sessions with members from the Board of Directors, staff supervisors, community members, patients, and clients. These sessions were an introspective dive into the collective soul, crafting of words and affirming values and beliefs […]