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The Future is Injectable

Posted on:11 - 03 - 2019 Posted in:

If you were offered tomorrow’s medicine today, would you take it? You’re probably thinking “yes” as long as it’s safe today. Clinical Research at Prism Health North Texas brings tomorrow’s care to today. Visiting the department or participating in one of the current clinical studies gives you a sneak peak, a pull-back-the-curtain experience of the […]

2019 Community Address

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For the New Year, I am pleased to share with you some words of encouragement about the incredible place that we are today with HIV prevention and treatment. Much of these ideas are what I spoke about during the wonderful World AIDS Day event at the Cathedral of Hope on December 1st of last year. […]

PrEP: Is It Right For Me?

Posted on:01 - 10 - 2018 Posted in:

PrEP is a classification of medication that prevents the spread of the HIV. Right now, Truvada by Gilead is the only medication approved for PrEP. More physicians and clinis are offering to prescribe patients PrEP. This is great for access for those at high risk and raises the question for potential consumers: “Is it right […]

Don’t Forget Your Immunizations

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Did you know that even as adults, it is important to stick to an immunization schedule? Getting your vaccines will help to safeguard your chances of living a long healthy life. Vaccines can help to decrease your risk of disease as well as helping to decrease the spread of disease in your community. When people […]

Patient-Centered Medical Homes for the LGBTQ+ Community

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A story based on real world experiences… Jill Stevens listens as the nurse calls out for “Jack Stevens.” Jill shudders involuntarily for a moment, gets up and approaches the perplexed nurse. Jill discreetly informs the nurse that Jack is still her legal name but that she has been living full-time as Jill, a transgender woman, […]

The Lavender Unit: First Hand Account of Progress

Posted on:01 - 12 - 2017 Posted in:

In observance of World AIDS Day, it is important to remember that progress made and the progress still to come. September 1995:  I was the admitting Resident on the “Lavender Service”. The service, as usual, was full. Twenty rooms, forty beds, forty HIV infected patients with overflow on to other wards.  Oddly, the thing I […]

Be Your Best Internet Security Advocate

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Top 10 ways to be your best internet security advocate (You’ve heard about Equifax and a host of other security breaches. But when it comes to internet security what can you control?) Make sure that you have a genuine internet security  and anti-virus program installed on your personal computers.  There are many marketed products that […]

Expert Desk | Impacting the future of PHNTX clients

Posted on:31 - 08 - 2017 Posted in:

Did you know Prism Health North Texas has a robust clinical research program 22 HIV-related clinical trials with a total of almost 200 participants? We didn’t either until we sat down with Prism Health North Texas’ Research Coordinator, Lauren Rogers. Our minds were blown. What is a clinical research trial? A clinical research trial is […]

Unpack the New Generic Formulation of Truvada

Posted on:30 - 06 - 2017 Posted in:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first generic version of the Gilead Sciences drug Truvada (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine).  Since many people in the community take Truvada, Dr. Gary Sinclair sat down to unpack how this might affect them.                                    Q: Dr. Sinclair, please explain exactly what “generic approval” is. A: Generic approval […]

New Tool for Addressing the Hepatitis Epidemic

Posted on:26 - 05 - 2017 Posted in:

The CDC recently reported a nearly three-fold increase in the number of new hepatitis C infections between 2010 and 2015, estimating approximately 34,000 new cases nationally in 2015.  This alarming finding has been attributed largely to the opioid epidemic, which disproportionately affects young people who transition from taking prescription opioids to injecting heroin.  Since the […]