Prism Health North Texas

Advancing your health | a mission and a partnership

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Are you an employee of a company or volunteer at an organization?

Do you know your mission statement?

Mission statements are largely an internal statement that is meant to direct the work and efforts of an organization. Outsiders looking in use mission statements to gain insight into an organization’s goals and values.

Meaningful partnership is crafted and continued through the trust of your partners. You, as a community member, client, donor, are partners of Prism Health North Texas in the work to improve the lives and health of North Texans. Recently, partners like yourself helped revise our mission statement and values. 

When key partnerships were asked to rank the importance of current services, the top three were providing:

  1. medical care for people living with HIV/AIDS in North Texas
  2. case management, care coordination, linkage to care, health navigation, etc.
  3. integrated behavioral healthcare

Prism Health North Texas, along with our partners, reaffirms our commitment to providing affordable and accessible care to everyone and specialized care for those who need it most and to deliver care in a non-judgmental manner.

Prism Health North Texas: advancing the health of North Texas through education, research, prevention, and personalized, integrated HIV care.