Prism Health North Texas

30 years and counting!

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“Best wishes to all of our friends, colleagues, and supporters for a happy and healthy New Year!

December was a special month for Prism Health North Texas. Celebrating 30 years of dedicated service in North Texas, we had a wonderful event at the Cathedral of Hope that brought many former colleagues, executive directors, board members, and long-time supporters together. Thank you to the great local performers who took the stage to recognize all of you who have been important contributors and supporters over these many years. In 1986, Prism Health North Texas formed in the midst of a public health crisis. The support and dedication of so many has continued the drive towards achieving our mission. Thankfully today we offer people living with HIV, treatments which can enable a happy, healthy life. The 30th anniversary provided the opportunity to celebrate what has been accomplished, but it also recognize those of our friends and family members we lost along the way.

Now we look towards 2017 which will likely carry a new set of challenges and opportunities. While Prism Health North Texas continues to grow, we remain mindful of what will likely be tremendous changes in the way every American accesses and pays for healthcare. We need to be especially mindful of how these changes impact those living with HIV, given today’s status of it being an expensive, chronic medical condition. More than ever we will need support from you, our community, leadership from our Board, and dedication from our talented staff. We will also carry on the important Prism Health North Texas tradition of being the network builder for the hundreds of partner agencies serving North Texans, as well as other HIV and AIDS service organizations around the country. In short, what formed our organization 30 years ago and sustained its continued, unwavering services, will be called upon going forward.

Among all of the significant activities to occur next year, one will stand out as an important milestone. In early 2017 we will be unveiling our new name! For those who have been following us along during this effort, you know this has been a journey! We from the beginning said our name change will be like changing clothes-the body underneath remains the same. Central to our values and the belief that those we serve are the purpose for the organization’s existence, we have spent time to ensure we do not leave behind who we are with a name change. Taking the effort to reflect on our past, recognize our present purpose, and illuminate our future path all were combined to produce what I hope you’ll see as a new image for your organization, one that visualizes the change and the promise of healthy futures for those who we serve!”

~ Dr. John T. Carlo, CEO


SAVE THE DATE:  February 9, 2017

New Name Reveal!  More details to follow!